VLSICHIP Technologies offers courses in Physical Design, STA and TCL as of now. Other programs will be starting soon.
Yes, all graduates who have completed BE/BS/BTech with Electronics as a subject can opt for this finishing school based program. This is an in-depth training into core VLSI and Semiconductor flows.
MS/MTech in VLSI design is a good startpoint for taking this specialized program. This program will sharpen the skills in the specified area like Physical Design that is completely Industry Oriented.
Yes, the designs are little in depth and industry level. This can be well a part of MTech project. Trainers and instructors would help in completing this for the candidates.
Trainers are from the industry with about 20+ years having worked at various MNCs on latest domains like mobile, processor, iot etc. on 7nm nodes as of this date. They have trained more than 1000+ engineers who are working world wide across various companies. The trainers bring in high level of passion into training and keen to deliver excellent quality job oriented training.
The program is currently at the facility as we believe in a highly interactive face-to-face sessions that could help in better understanding of the concepts. Just not that, communication and interpersonal skills which is again a very important factor in a candidate's career, can be bettered during a live interactive discussion. But because of multiple number of enquiries by graduates and working professionals throughout the globe (especially US), we would be looking at staring an online program very soon maintaining the same level of high quality.
Designs are developed in house that are similar to industry projects covering all important aspects for a full coverage of the course. This kind of real project exposure is one of its class for VLSICHIP Technologies.
Institute is open between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. All registered candidates can come and exercise their labs. Lab mentor would be available for support.
Yes, that is possible, you have to get in touch with us at the 'contact us' number.
Industry's leading and prominent tools are used to cover the full spectrum of execution. These tools hands-on work is most wanted in the Industry.
Yes, VLSICHIP will issue a course completion certificate if all the criteria are met. Certificate would have all the details of the course program in it.
VLSICHIP Technologies would help in bringing in companies as well as referring to various companies. Candidates who have prudently and staunchly completed the program would definitely get multiple job offers.
VLSICHIP Technologies believes that quality does not have compromise. The course price is not very high and at the same time it delivers back more than the price paid by the candidate.
Instructors and trainers are available anytime to be contacted through respective whatsapp groups or through call for betterment of the candidate's future planning.
Most of the probable interview questions will be covered during the duration of the course. Candidates showing very high dedication will be able to take advantage of the interview question discussion.
There will be mock interviews that would mould the candidates better to face realtime industry interview sessions.
We would aid in a professional resume preparation for the candidates. Every candidate would be having unique set of expertise and we would extend help in clearly drafting it.
Anytime this is possible, please contact us and we would be grateful to connect you to candidates throughout the globe.
Yes, there are very in-depth and core theory and lab assignments that will make the candidates think and get the answers. This assignment would trigger candidates by researching. Any difficulty would be hand held by the instructors and trainers to complete the assignments. Once the assignments are done by the candidates, the value would be known by the candidates in just not the interview but also through the years of their career in VLSI.
VLSICHIP provides 24x7 high speed VPN connectivity for all the enrolled candidates.
VLSICHIP Technologies understands that every candidate would be equipped with a laptop for the duration of the course. Hence login to the server and the projects would be through the individual's laptop.
Seminars and assessment test would be done to groom the candidate by identifying the gaps in the individual's subject knowledge.